Incomparable Nature
and Unspoiled Natural Environment
of the District
Lands of Novorizhskoye, Rublevo-Uspenskoye and Minskoye sectors, which include Ruza District, are righteously considered to be a "gem" of the western Moscow Region. Most of these lands have so far been preserved in almost pristine condition, such as they used to be at the times of Yury Dolgoruky - boundless forests, broad meadows and picturesque hills.

The purity of Novorizskoe and Minskoe sectors' environment is unparalleled. Experts claim the west and northwest districts are the cleanest in the Moscow region. Their ideal ecological balance is determined by complete lack of large industrial facilities, abundance of woods, and beneficial "wind rose" with prevalence of north and northwest winds, which keep the Moscow smog away from the area (and carry it to the south and southeast Moscow Region).

The Ruza River

Ruza District located in the western part of the Moscow Region is a perfect place of residence for an affluent person. The very name of it implies something natively Russian - deep-rooted and timeless. We chose Ruza District, the picturesque shores of the purest Ruzskoye and Ozerninskoye Water Reservoirs and the banks of the Moscow and Ruza Rivers as the place to develop luxurious resort centers and create proper residential environment for Russia's rich and famous.

A significant part of the district is covered by pristine East-European forests with occasional pinewoods and oak groves. The forests has deer, elks, wild boars, foxes, squirrels, hares and even local subspecies of lynx; in the summer, the area is abundant with mushrooms and berries. The water reservoirs are famous for excellent fishing. Not far from them lies the glacial Trostenskoye Lake surrounded by dense forests. Another lake, Glubokoe located in 10 kilometers of Trostenskoye, is one of the deepest lakes in the European part of Russia; its maximum depth exceeds 30 meters.

A. Savrasov. River Bank

Ecological situation in Ruza District is the best one in the Moscow Region. In the 20th century, Soviet authorities prohibited construction of any industrial facilities in the area. However, the district enjoys perfectly developed infrastructure, which is presently servicing numerous holiday homes, country hotels and health resorts. Almost all of them use local mineral waters and therapeutic mud - the district has its own curative mineral wells and is especially proud of the local brine, which is similar in composition to the Dead Sea water.

The Moscow River near Vasilievskoye estate of A.I. Gertsen

There are practically no large dacha zones tightly built up with small country homes or sown with tiny truck paths, which result in considerably lower traffic in summer time. The locally pioneering development concept set forth in the General Development Plan for Ruza District pays a lot of attention to environmental regulation compliance issues. It will avoid such unpleasant phenomena as chaotic and unlawful construction and preserve the district's natural environment.

I. Levitan. Golden Autumn. 1895

The General Development Plan calls for developing an integrated luxury resort on a level with famous Swiss resort places in the district.

Ozerninskoye Water Reservoir shore

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